Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Fwenz

Friendster is an Internet social network service.

Any extra information you wanna now bout me, just go to my page. You can allso view my friends especially from seratas. I luv my friends so much. Rusydi and Syafaat . They both are my best friends. They giving me lot of ideas.

You can view their friendster at my featured friends.


Me And Myself

Today i started to post my first post. I'm just want to introduce myself~

My name is Syahir. I just a student from SERATAS, form four student. I have been making all these video stuff since 2007. I'll try to post fresh ideas into this vlog to be shared with everyone. So, just enjoy it!

Any comment from you guys will help me to improve myself. So, leave a comment please~