Friday, March 14, 2008

Election Comedy Song

I've found this COOL video to be share with u guys! U must see this!
I think the singer have a great voice. He should try for AF.. Hahahaha!

By the way, i'm not voting for any side. Ahaks!
Hilirious video clip! It's so creative.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Recently my teacher asked me about a virus called Actually this virus is almost the same with kavo.exe.
It activated when you double click your thumb drive or hard disc that contain those virus.
If your system is infected by this virus you
can’t see hidden files and folders , even after applying the settings to show hidden folders. This setting is reverted back to Don’t show hidden files and folders by the virus.

This happens because virus protects the two hidden ,system files called and autorun,inf which are created by amvo.exe and amvo0.dll , amvo1.dll which resides in system32 folder on the OS drive (hard disk partition on which windows operating system is installed).
So im googling around and then i found the best way to remove it!

First, these files are not visible in windows explorer. Open command prompt, jump to the drive and run command dir /ah to view the hidden files. eg:
cd d:
dir /ah

you may see files like:
and some other files

now do the following:

1. First download Trend Micro HijackThis

2. Install and run the scan ,you will see an entry like this :
HKCU\..\Run: [amva] C:\WINDOWS\system32\amvo.exe

3. Check the above entry and click on the button which says Fix Checked and click yes on the prompt.

4. Uncheck amvo.exe from msconfig>> startup (type msconfig in run and click on the startup tab) also and restart your system

5. In Start -> Run, enter “msconfig.sys”, and unchek the amvo.exe file from the startup list. It might be present there and restart pc.

6. after restart, DO NOT open/double click on any drive. Run the hijackthis tool again to ensure the amvo.exe file is not in the list. Now, In Start -> Run -type cmd and enter :
cd c:\windows\system32
attrib -r -h -s amvo.exe
del amvo.exe
attrib -r -h -s avmo0.dll
del amvo0.dll
attrib -r -h -s avmo1.dll
del amvo1.dll

now, jump to each drive and run these commands:

attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf
del autorun.inf
attrib -r -h -s

for each extra hidden file, run the above commands with filename replaced.
When all the files are deleted, restart the machine, and again check with hijackthis tool.
Good luck.

If this instruction is realy hard to follow..
This is the easiest way to do so.
Download this file and you can easily remove the virus by double clikcing the script.

Download it here: