Thursday, April 24, 2008

Challenge Yourself!

I just spent 1/2 hours straight in front of photoshop and I manage to finished this poster wtf.
Haih. I’m so stressed now seriously the word stress itself is not even adequate in describing the level of stress I have inside, outside, on top, underneath and all over me. The exam is near, my band competition just a few weeks... ohh so tired.
Alright moving on, graphic competition. Back to this poster's story. Anywayyy out of boredom my friend, Syafaat came out with an idea to make ala graphic competition. He is the judges wtf. The rule is simple. Edit his picture. That’s all. Ask Paat lar if you want to know more~

Any ideas?!

French-German-Malaysian Student Film Competition

1 April - 31 August 2008

Produce a video short films that highlight the importance of
learning foreign languages (here: German/French) in an innovative
and creative manner.

Theme: "Say it in Fench, say it in German, express yourself visually and verbally as best as you can – anything goes"

The film genre/category can be documentary, fictional, or animation.

Friday, April 11, 2008

KIAMAT satu kebenaran

Video i made for montage competition "Malam Kebudayaan Islam 2008 SERATAS". Lucky I won that competition. =)


“ Sesungguhnya pengetahuan tentang hari kiamat itu ada pada sisi Tuhanku, tidak satu (makhluk) pun yang dapat menjelaskan waktu kedatangannya kecuali Dia semata”.
Quran Surat 7 : 187 (Al-A’raf)

Ahli Nujum SERATAS

Another video made by SERATAS's student. Watch it!


From 10-12th April, Seratas Cyber Access Network will be open to all student! So hurry up! Offers high-speed Internet access, printing and even photo printing. Only
RM 1.50 per hour!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sport Day VCD

Wassup! Just a quick note! I want to inform u guys about this cool video cd. I made this myself. U all can get this vcd for only RM 4.00!!
Everything about Seratas's Sport Day on last February.